Michael Jordan still earns more from endorsement than any current NBA star

Michael Jordan

NBA legend, Michale Jordan reportedly still earns more from endorsement than what the current crop of NBA players make from salary and endorsement together.

Jordan who retired from playing NBA in 2003 makes a lot of money from, such that he is the highest earner in sports in the world.

MJ earns more today from endorsements alone than players do from salaries and advertisements combined.

Jordan’s brand earned $3.6 billion in the financial year 2019-20.

It is only football star Lionel Messi who earned a total of $127 million combining the income from all sources in 2019.

The Michael Jordan brand is still the most valuable in all sports.

After posting a revenue of $3.14 billion in the financial year 2018-19, Jordan Brand improved by 15% to land at its 2019-20 figure of $3.6 billion.

The brand is the lone Nike subsection to grow in revenue despite the Covid-19 concerns across the globe at the fag end of the financial year.

The Jordan Brand continues to be superior to those of the Kobe, LeBron, or other sneaker lines.

Jordan brand has also diversified into signing young talents like Zion Williamson and Jayson Tatum. Both these players are expected to be superstars in the long run.

Meanwhile, LeBron James earned $30 million from his sneaker line last year as a reference point.

This was a major chunk of his total of $53 million in endorsements. James will be paid roughly $37.5 million as salaries by the Lakers this season.

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and James all earn more money from off-court endorsements than from their salaries.

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