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MMA champ Francis Ngannou takes hard punches

French Cameroonian UFC Champion Francis Ngannou takes people to the test on how much of a steel of a man his body can handle.To everyone’s surprise, The Predator makes taking punches look pretty easy. 

The footage above is a compilation made by Ngannou showing different men from across boxing, UFC and other MMA artists giving their best hit. The Predator seems unfazed and, at one point, was even sipping a cup of coffee.

All who tested ultimately failed and only managed to make Ngannou smile and giggle like it was just a tickle for him. 

“I am always interested and looking for ways to test my physical stability and have offered fellow athletes and fans the chance to throw some punches and deliver some free body shots,” said Ngannou.

For someone who holds the current record for the most brutal punch, clocking in a striking power of 129,161 units on a PowerKube measuring the intensity of punches he throws based on different factors. It wouldn’t be much of a surprised that he can take on a powerful hit 

To this day, none has surpassed nor match The Predator’s ferocious punch. 

Undoubtedly, Ngannou can take a punch himself! Now the question is, can he translate into the Octagon as he faces Ciryl Gane on UFC 270.


All you need to know about Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane UFC heavyweight bout

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