Mouhammad Faadal, an African immigrant, saved the life of an unconscious 72-year-old who was drowning

Mouhammad Faadal, a 27-year-old basketball player from Senegal, and plays in Spain, saved the life of an unconscious 72-year-old. The young Senegalese individual, was in the waters of Bilboa estuary, in Spain, for 20 long minutes. He received no help and support during the process. Only at the very end of the rescue, a handful of men and women showed up to save the body…

Watch the clip here:

In 2019, a woman who was drunk fell in the same estuary, and he went on saving her.

Mouhammad plays for Bilbao Basket, because he is undocumented, this prevents him from playing at a higher level.

Hopefully, due to his various good actions in Spain and for the city of Bilbao, they will support him in obtaining the nationality.



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