NBA 2020 Finals: Lakers look to seal deal in Game 5 vs. Miami Heat

Game 5 Lakers VS Heat!

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to kill the 2020 NBA Finals by winning Game 5 to make it 4-1 in the series on Friday.

The Lakers will wear their Black Mamba jersey, mind you, they have never lost when they wear their Black Mamba jerseys designed by the late Kobe Bryant.

They are a lot of theories on why that is so.

The Lakers were originally slated to wear these jerseys next in a possible Game 7, but with a 3-1 lead on the Miami Heat, they’re looking to channel their inner Black Mamba and go for the kill.

But Lakers will not have it easy, as Miami Heat will have Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler in their lineup.

The Heat showed in Game 4 that they’re still more than prepared to fight to their last breath, even if they’re now trailing 3-1.

If the Lakers do win, they have a championship parade because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Lakers has also cautioned fans to celebrate responsibly if the team win Game 5.

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