NBA Finals: Lakers beat Miami Heat 102-96 in Game 4

LA Lakers beat Miami Heat 102-96 to move to within one win of title

The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a commanding 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals after winning Game 4 of the series.

The win by Lakers means they are just a game away from being crowned the 2019/20 champions.

Lakers beat Miami Heat 102-96 in Tuesday’s encounter.

In Game 4, Lakers’ star player, LeBron James starred with 28 points, and Anthony Davis’ crucial three-pointer in the fourth quarter was very much needed.

After the game, James opined that they is still some work to be done for the Lakers to win their first championship in 10 years.

“We understand what’s at stake,” said James. “The job is not done. Not yet. But they’re on the brink.”

Miami Heat had their player, Bam Adebayo return from injury but he could really make any impact on the game.

He was unable to negate the early threat of James and Davis as they came from behind to lead 33-29 in the second quarter.

Game five of the seven-match series is on Friday (Saturday 02:00 BST).

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