NBA: No player tested positive for coronavirus in past week

Adam Silver, Chairman of National Basketball Association

No additional NBA players have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week, the league said Wednesday, after nearly two dozen games had to be called off in the past month because of virus-related issues.

That continued a good two-week trend: After 27 players were positive in results released between Jan. 6 and Jan. 19, only one player has been positive since.

“Baby steps,” Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks said after the league announced Wednesday’s weekly number of zero. “We want the world to not test positive for a week. That’s what’s we need. We all need it, not just NBA players, coaches, families. The planet needs it.”

The NBA has called off 23 games this season for virus issues, 22 since Jan. 10. But starting with the games on Jan. 26 and going through Tuesday, the league has been able to play 58 of its past 60 games — and every matchup on Wednesday’s 10-game slate was played as scheduled.

Teams are still dealing with strict rules to keep the numbers as low as possible, testing remains ramped up and the league told clubs earlier this week that it is installing even tougher rules on mask usage, including in bench areas during games. There have been some mild adjustments to tougher rules regarding travel that went into place last month, but most of the additional protocols remain in effect.

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