Net’s Kevin Durant Fined $15K for profane language during interview

"Who cares? That's what championship teams go through—a little adversity. ... Everybody's schedule is f--ked up."— KD

Kevin Durant, being the person he is, doesn’t shy away from expressing himself, but being in NBA, profane language is unacceptable — and very much expensive.

As he faces another fine of $15,000, Durant is now in a total of $65,000 as the season runs. The NBA on Friday issued a statement about the fine, stating that the use of profane language and “failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as part of the review process.”

Durant’s postgame media session came after a frustrating loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday, 114-108. He went on to say … “Who cares? That’s what championship teams go through—a little adversity. … Everybody’s schedule is f–ked up.” Subsequently dropping the F-bomb.

Durant’s remarks came about their rescheduling situation due to what happened in December with all the postponed games happening. It was an unfortunate and tiring week for the Nets, as they went to have two back-to-back games this week. Starting first on a Sunday game against the Spurs, then traveling to Portland on a Monday night game.

The 11 All-star has been averaging 38+ minutes this week and made his point by stating several profane words to emphasize during the interview. The fine marks his second time this season, first one a $25,000 fine for direct profanity against a fan during — a game against the Hawks on Dec.10.

Surely Durant is a man on a mission and would take any necessary actions to achieve his goal this season. A man with a chip on his shoulder is definitely not to mess with. Above shows how many points he has been dropping the past 12 games, proving doubters and critics alike that he means business.

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