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NFL Player Trysten Hill suspended 2 games for physically punching opposing player

Tysen Hills, a defensive tackle for the Las Vegas Raiders, was recently suspended for two games for intentionally punching Johns Simpson, an opposing player from the Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFL executives were quick to reprimand him, stating that Hill’s actions were unnoticeable and his 2 games suspension begins when the Cowboy’s take on the Saints. 

In the video, Hill and Simpson exchanged words shortly after overtime and all of a sudden escalated to trading punches and led for the worse. The players and coaches were quick to intervene between the two as both players started to pursue each other after the punches were thrown. 

The NFL had sufficient evidence to mandate a 2 game suspension for the unacceptable actions of Hill.  


The Cowboys as of date stands on an 8-4 record and hope to gain momentum as further games progress.

Cowboy’s Defensive Tackle Trysten Hill — SUSPENDED 2 games after punching opposing player.

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