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NFL star Tyrann Mathieu pays for funeral cost of 9-year-old who was shot dead

Tyrann Mathieu

Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has covered the funeral costs of a nine-year-old who was killed in New Orleans.

The deceased, Devante Bryant, was killed in a horrific shooting on July 13, 2020 following an attack on kids.

“Young black children should not be dying from gun violence,” Tyrann said, as quoted by TMZ.

“Devante didn’t even have a chance to live his life before it was tragically taken away from him.”

The young Bryant died after being shot in the head during the incident, but two others teenagers who were also shot survived.

While investigations have begun, the Police are yet to uncover the persons behind the heinous crime.

Upon hearing the news, Tyrann reached out to the deceased boy’s parents and wanted to pay for his funeral costs.

“My goal is to help stop the violence and help my community to show and empower children from my community that there is another way, one child at a time,” the NFL superstar told TMZ.

“I wanted to help the Bryant family because I am from the 7th Ward and I felt that pain. I have a 7-year-old son that lives in New Orleans and I couldn’t imagine something happening to him at that age. He is only 2 years younger than Devante.”

“My heart goes out to the Bryant and Howard Family,” he added.

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