Nikola Jokic continues doing his miracles as the Nuggets prevail the Warriors on Tuesday

One of the contenders for the MVP title during the Regular Season, Nikola Jokic, has once again proved his worth. He dropped 22 points and added 18 rebounds for the win of his Nuggets over the Golden State Warriors. On top of that, he gathered 4 steals throughout the match. The Serbian continues to amaze us with his MVP worthy performance as his team goes on a 2-0 run right before the end of the calendar year.

Will Barton added 21 points for the Nuggets’ victory as nobody else on the roster reached the double figures. However, Jokic will surely benefit once Jamal Murray makes his return this season. He needs someone who can open him some free spaces in the paint. For instance, the Serbian made 8 turnovers against the Warriors which can be a huge drawback for his team.

The Nuggets’ fantastic approach was seen in the first half. They managed to hold Steph Curry to just 2 points for the first 24 minutes of the game. Austin Rivers has found the right recipe to build a 24-point lead as the half ended 36-60 in Nuggets’ favor.

However, the Warriors fought well and fully erased their deficit at 84-84 with one minute to go. Steph Curry came up huge in the last quarter, scoring 15 points for 9 minutes. The Warriors’ point guard came in close to win it all for his team, but he missed a decisive 3-pointer with 34 seconds on the clock. Andrew Wiggins made his return for the Warriors, dropping 21 points and adding 8 rebounds.

Both teams are favorites to make it to the Playoffs as the Warriors are getting closer and closer by each single day. They continue to be the top team in the NBA with 27 wins and 7 losses. The Nuggets hold onto 5th place with a 17-16 record. The Golden State Warriors will get their rematch on Thursday when they will travel to Denver.

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