Original Space Jam website has been replaced after 25 long years

The original Space Jam website has been replaced

While the old site has been archived at a new URL, spacejam.com is now inhabited by the LeBron James sequel.

One of the most beloved websites on the internet, the untouched, never-updated time capsule of the internet’s first golden age, spacejam.com, has been replaced.

Now, when you type ‘spacejam.com’ into your browser, no longer are you greeted by that beautiful solar system all revolving around the Space Jam sun, featuring Lunar Tunes, Planet B-Ball, Jam Central, Junior Jam, and Stellar Souvenirs.

Instead, the logo for the new Space Jam sequel starring Lebron James and Bugs Bunny, Space Jam: A New Legacy, opening July 15 in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and July 16 across the world, appears.

The options are also much less fun. Privacy Policy? Terms of Use? Parental Guide? Where are the space puns. This is frankly unacceptable. Sure, you can click the top left and see video and a synopsis of the film, but there are no souvenirs, let alone stellar ones.

The original website, launched in 1996, became a viral phenomenon in the early 2010s, as an internet that had evolved far past the 56k dial up modem found the site completely untouched from what it had once been.

If you go to spacejam.com and click the logo in the top right, it loads the original website, under the new url spacejam.com/1996.

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