Pacers’ Lance Stephenson spoils Kyrie Irving’s return with historic 1st quarter performance

Lance Stephenson displayed a homecoming performance as he was recently signed up for a 10-day contract amidst a rooster situation due to COVID protocols. The whole fiasco of rosters lacking and player rotation issues also came about in stories similar to Stephenson.

Stephenson impressively scored 20 straight points within 6 minutes of game time during today’s game against the Brooklyn Nets. He was glad that none other than his home team Indiana Pacers, gave him a chance. Playing off the bench, Stephenson shot 8-for-9 shooting, including 4-of-5 from deep.

Not only did Stephenson take the spotlight away from Kyrie Irving’s return, but he was able to make history by being the first NBA player to score 20 points off the bench in the first quarter. Additionally, he also made franchise history by having the most points scored in the first quarter by a Pacer.

“I’ve been just working out two years, just waiting for this moment,” Stephenson said during a halftime interview on Wednesday. “I’m so happy to be here at home.”

The crowd was fully ecstatic and entertained as Stephenson displayed his signature air guitar 3-point celebration along with a couple of shoulder shimmy after beating the 1st quarter buzzer with yet another 3-point shot. 

Being an NBA journeyman is no joke, but perhaps this 10-day contract for Stephenson might lead the Pacers to call him up for the rest of the season as long as he’s playing at this pace. 


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