Pascal Siakam: Raptors star buys his mom a new house on Mother’s Day

Pascal Siakam surprises mom with new home on Mother's Day

It was mother’s day yesterday, May 9, 2021 and there were tons of messages on social media wishing mothers all the best.

But one of the best show of lover to-mothers was when Raptors star, Pascal Siakam presented his mum with a new house.

He bought his mother a house!

How kind this is for a son to gift his mother something so special, we only imagine how excited she truly was but the video does it justice.

Presenting the house to his mother, Siakam explained that in the absence of a family home after his father died, buying a new house for his family was the right thing to do.

Siakam’s father, Tchamo, died in a car accident in October 2014.

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