Pascal Siakam reveals what his feelings were during “The Shot” by Kawhi.

Despite of the fact that “the shot” happened a year ago, Siakam still has vivid memories about how anxious and tensed he was when the ball was in the air.

It was game 7, and the Raptors’ season was on the line. Embiid tried to tighten his defense against Kawhi, but was unsuccesful…

Pascal Siakam shared the following statement during a live on the official NBA twitter channel:

“I was on the floor just looking at the ball bounce and bounce, I don’t know how many times, like you said maybe 12 times and go in.”

“I think the funniest part was, Serge was under the rim. And I think he wanted to go for the rebound. So the ball kept bouncing and Serge was trying to maybe jump for the rebound, and I’m looking at him like ‘Serge, please don’t jump.’ Please don’t jump. No goaltending, no nothing, we don’t want none of this.”

“It was an incredible moment, man. I will always remember that moment. It felt fast but like, it was slow at the same time.”

Siakam’s concerns about the shot are understandable, it was all or nothing. It is arguably one of the best shots ever made in basketball history and will therefore remain ingrained in everyone’s mind for years.

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