Paul Pierce still does not care about being fired from ESPN

Hall of Fame finalist Paul Pierce was recently fired from ESPN. It happened because he went on Instagram Live and streamed himself in a room full of strippers.

Though he recently was fired, the Truth does not seem bothered at all, he actually looks relieved. Check this video.

ESPN is part ofย  Walt Disney, it is then important for them to keep a family-friendly type of image to the public, and to make sure all their affiliations play the game too…

On the other hand, we cannot deny that Pierce had a great 19-year NBA career. He last played with the Los Angeles Clippers, but signed a 1 day and ceremonial contract with the Celtics so he could retire as part of this team.

For a very long time, the Truth was the face of the Celtics franchise and has been rewarded by winning the 2008 championship against their long-time rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. During this era, Pierce played alongside Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and took over the league.

Check this throwback from his Celtics’ days:


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