Basketball Africa League


Artur Barros, the vice president of Angolan club, Petro de Luanda has hinted that, the club is poised to win first edition of the Basketball African League (BAL), set for March 2020.

Official information indicates that, Petro de Luanda will reinforce their squad with a foreign athlete, despite having already the American Antwan Scott and the Angolan Abubacar Gakou, as the competition allows four expatriates in each club.

Artur Barros, vice president of Angolan basketball club, Petro de Luanda

In a statement, he noted, “the national championship is to increase the competitive form of the group and maintain the players sporting form.”

Barros has ruled out the possibility of the team carrying out a training program abroad for the African league.

Petro will play the group phases, facing the likes of GS Petroliers da Argelia, AS Police (Mali), GMN Basket (Madagascar), AS Douanes (Senegal) and AS Sale (Morocco).

They will also play River Hoopers (Nigeria), Ferroviario de Maputo (Mozambique), US Monastir (Tunisia), Zamalek (Egypt), FAP (Cameroon) and the Patriots (Rwanda).

The first phase of the African championship will be held from March 13 to March 15, 2020, in Senegal.

The thirteen time Angola Basketball League winners, Petro de Luanda, conquered the African Clubs League during the 2006 and 2015 seasons respectively.

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