Undoubtedly, the 2021-2022 season has been nothing short of absolutely spectacular! Even so, as sports fans, we must consider the looming shroud cast over our dearest league: The Omicron Variant. Sports fans, regrettably, the NBA was blighted by the new strain in a recent Covid-19 test, held on 1st December 2021. According to MSNBC Sports Chicago, Billy Donovan, Head Coach of the 3rd Seed in the East, stated there is uncertainty in what specific teams should play or should not play, to secure the safety of all players in the league. Similar to the NBA, NFL and NHL have all revisited their league protocols in cognizance of the maniacal Omicron. The duration of the season is one concern but the safety of our favorite athletes is of utmost importance. The Cameroonian Colossus, Joel Embiid had this to say about the Health and Safety protocols in place this 2021 season, 

I thought last year there was great precautions in place and this year it was just all over the place and I just thought it was unprofessional and that’s where we are now.

In light of the fact that 97% of NBA players have been vaccinated, yet still Chicago had a whooping 10 players enter into the League’s Health and Safety Protocols. Bulls Ace- Zach Lavine will not make an appearance until AFTER Christmas. Similarly, Sacramento’s Kings recently canceled their practice and shut down their facilities after multiple positive tests amidst their players, and Talen Horton- Tucker, Dwight Howard, Malik Monk have also all fallen into NBA Protocols. LeBron James, the King himself, went into protocols albeit only missing one game. The good news is that the NBA has started exploring daily testing, a trait that will ensure effeciency in virus detection, because God-forbid when Klay Thompson makes his long-awaited return, the NBA will be forced to enter a lock-out. One thing remains true, the NBA is not yet free from the shackles of the ominous Covid-19. Ladies and Gentlemen, the die has been cast!


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