Referee Bert Smith found out he had a blood clot in Lungs after collapsing at NCAA tournament

Bert Smith is a college basketball official who passed out during the men’s basketball tournament between Gonzaga and Southern California. He fell like a fallen tree, his eyes were open but not seeing. A scary situation.

Many people thought he was dead. Bert does not even remember falling. He remembers the play before it. He mentions that the action is slowly coming back to him though, he recalls feeling a struggle to breathe, as well as feeling more and more wobbly. Next thing he knows, he wakes up next to a doctor and asks him “what’s going on man?” and he replied “Bert, you passed out, you blacked out”. The doctor then proceeded to put him on a stretcher.

At the hospital, they found out he had a blood clot, so he spent two days on blood thinners, they eliminated it.

Bert says, the fact that this event has happened in public, may have saved his life.

Below is a video of the video of the fall…

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