Roy Jones threatens to pull out of Mike Tyson comeback fight

Roy Jones threatens to pull out of Mike Tyson comeback fight

Roy Jones Jr has expressed his frustration with the postponement of his showdown bout with Mike Tyson.

The exhibition fight was initially scheduled for September in Los Angeles, but has now been moved to November.

Jones said he is unhappy with the change and is considering his legal options, while threatening that he could walk away from the fight.

“We’re trying to figure something out, my lawyers is (sic) talking with their lawyers, trying to figure out ways to make it a better situation so that I can compensated for it, that is more beneficial for me to do,” the 51-year-old said, as quoted by Sportbible.

“If they don’t make it make sense, it (the fight) would be off.

“Why would I change the date and mess up the rest of my year when I agreed to September 12.”

Reports from certain quarters suggest the contest was delayed to allow fans to return to generate extra revenue.

Social media app Triller hold the exclusive rights to air Tyson vs. Jones Jr and the latter insists he will seek compensation if a crowd is allowed to watch the bout.

“They said they wanted to get a crowd, if you want to get a crowd, that’s a different type of money. If you want a big event, that’s a different type of money.

“You think I’m going to say, okay, let’s look at my money, but I’m not getting no better percent. How dumb is that to me? So, let’s see what happens,” Jones added.

Meanwhile, he admitted that the delay could help him train to be in better shape before the showdown with Iron Mike.

 “If everything works out, yes. I don’t know if things… if everything will work out yet,” Jones noted.

“But if everything works out then yeah, it probably will help me.”

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