Shaq Just Couldn’t Let It Go, Calls Dwyane Wade Out For Hilarious On-Air Blunder

Screenshot via Twitter / NBAonTNT

One of the most entertaining aspects of live TV has to be the on-air blunders, and now, with social media, they can be cemented in culture forever.  Dwyane Wade is finding that out the hard way, after making a comment on the TNT halftime show.  It happened during the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers game tonight.  Wade was commentating on Danny Green’s defensive game and that’s when he said it.  Many people may have let it go.  In fact, Wade almost got a pass, but Shaq just couldn’t let the blunder pass by without calling out Wade, and that’s when fellow analyst and WNBA legend Candace Parker joined in and made the initial sting.

TNT thought it was so good that they posted it all on Twitter, and now, we’re bringing it to you.


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