Shaq NFTs made big sales — $2M straight to charity

The Diesel brings in the big $2M bag for charity

Shaquille O’Neal may just be the largest philanthropist the world has ever seen. The Diesel raised $2,000,000.000 for charity by selling NFT’s (Non-fungible token) portraits of himself.

O’Neal has been a long name in the world of basketball and investing, and NFTs are just one of the newest investments he dived into. The Hall of Famer and Notables, an NFT platform, dropped a recently collaborated digital art collection this month. According to recent sales, all sold out instantly on Monday. 

All NFTs features none other than himself, a well-decorated portrait with their unique humorous style. 

What a way to indeed spend the holidays than to give back to charity. Shaq devoted all of his proceeds towards  The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, helping youth get a headstart in life. 

According to Shaq’s team, they plan on continuing their “1-of-1 unique digital collectibles” — in hopes of bringing in more money for charity in the future.


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