Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors overcame a full Phoenix Suns squad on Christmas Day

In the most anticipated NBA game on Christmas, the Golden State Warriors traveled to Arizona to face off the Phoenix Suns. The two teams topping the leaderboard met for third time this season. They both shared a victory as the Warriors put an end to the Suns’ 18-game winning streak in their last match.

The Warriors came into this game without two of their best players – Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins. It seemed that Steph Curry would have to do it all alone once again in his career. However, he still could use the help of players like Draymond Green and Otto Porter Jr.

On the other hand, the Phoenix Suns enjoyed a 5-game winning streak ahead of this fixture. They headed into Christmas with all of their star-players available. The balance they have shown and the consistency they had shown so far is just unparalleled.

The Golden State Warriors were more concentrated than their opponent in the 1st quarter. They took a 10-point lead early on in the game, but suffered a comeback in the end of the 2nd quarter. The first half ended with Phoenix leading the way, 62:58.

Once again, the Warriors found their rhythm in 3rd quarter as they found themselves with the lead. The Suns managed to even things up towards its end as it became everybody’s game at 84:84 with just 12 minutes to go. 

Steph Curry came in clutch for the Warriors with a couple of clinical plays in the last quarter. On top of that, Otto Porter Jr. scored 13 points in the last minutes of the match, thus helping his team snatch the victory.

Steph Curry finished off with 33 points, scoring 5 times from beyond the arc. Draymond Green had another insane night, finishing with 8 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks. Chris Paul led the way for the Suns with 21 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists. Devin Booker had yet another tough night against a top team dropping just 13 points on a 26.3% FG performance.

The Warriors defeated the Suns, 116:107, and got back 1st place in the NBA with 27 wins and 6 losses. Phoenix is one win away from them with a 26-6 record. Both teams will have a tough schedule heading into 2022. The Warriors will face the Nuggets, the Jazz, the Heat, and the Mavs, while the Suns will try their luck against the Grizzlies and the Celtics.

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