Steph Curry becomes second on all-time three-pointers list

Stephen Curry scores career-high points total in Golden State Warriors win

Steph Curry moved up to second on the NBA’s all-time three-pointers list in the Golden State Warriors’ 127-108 defeat by the Utah Jazz.

The 32-year-old scored five three-pointers, with his fourth moving him ahead of Reggie Miller in the NBA’s record books.

Curry, who has made 2,562 three-pointers is now just 411, made 3-pointers behind Hall of Famer Ray Allen who hit 2,973.

“It’s special,” Curry said. “I was trying to enjoy it in the middle of the game because I knew it was on the horizon and I knew how much I looked up to him growing up, watching him play, playing against my dad. Emulating a lot of things he did moving without the ball. I always said him and Steve Nash, I always tried to put those two players together …”

When Miller appeared on the screen, Curry stopped in mid-sentence. “Oh! What up Reg!” Curry said with a smile. “That’s pretty dope.”

Donovan Mitchell top-scored for the Jazz with 23 points, seven rebounds and six assists in just 27 minutes.

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