Steph Curry sinks gamewinner to save Warrios vs. Rockets — First buzzer-beater!

Stephen Curry finally had his first buzzer-beating game-winner in his NBA career, lifting the Golden State Warriors to an ecstatic wit at home versus the Houston Rockets. 

Both the Warriors and Rockets were on edge as each team was tied at 103, but Curry made his way to his spot and called the game. At halftime, the Warriors managed to trail back into contention, 54-43, scoring 33 points in the third quarter to match up with the Rockets, 76-76. 

“About time!” Said Curry. “That’s my first one!”

The moment came when opposing guard Garrison Matthews missed a three-pointer that could’ve sealed the game, but it was clear that Curry and the rest of the Warriors thought otherwise. 

The 33-year old superstar finished the game with 22 points, but the last shot mattered most right there. It was also a moral-boosting for the team as the Warriors lost six of their previous nine matches coming into Friday night’s game. Steph also managed to put the whole Warriors on offensive wheels, adding 12 assists to cap of the night. 

Curry took matters into his own hands despite not having key players — sure enough, he delivered. 


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