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Sterling calls racism “a disease”, compares it to pandemic

England international Raheem Sterling says the only disease the world is fighting currently is racism.

The Manchester City star believes racial injustice and discrimination is tantamount to any pandemic the world has ever faced.

Sterling has over the years been one of the most vocal voices against racism and all forms of discrimination.

Speaking to the BBC in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the footballer threw his weight behind the protestors against injustice.

“I know this might sound a little bit cheesy but the only disease right now is the racism that we are fighting,” he told BBC TV.

“This is the most important thing at this moment in time because this is something that is happening for years and years. Just like the pandemic, we want to find a solution to stop it.”

Floyd’s death has sparked mass protests in the US and across the world, as many throng the the streets to protest against racism.

Despite the protests turning chaotic in some cities, Sterling believes they are fighting for a good cause.

The 25-year-old, however, called on the demonstrators to do it peacefully, devoid of looting or hurting others.

“At the same time, this is what all these protesters are doing. They are trying to find a solution and a way to stop the injustice they are seeing, and they are fighting for their cause,” Sterling said.

“As long as they are doing it peacefully and safely and not hurting anybody and not breaking into any stores, they continue to protest in this peaceful way.”

The former Liverpool star has in the past stood up to racists in football and once rallied his colleagues to walk off the pitch in the event of racial abuse.

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