Steve Kerr upset on back-to-back road games on Christmas day

“But I'm confident that next year we will be at home for Christmas. Or we will all protest and not show up." — Kerr

Coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors spoke with ESPN about not being enthused to play on the road. 

Fans of heavily rooted teams would always look forward to Christmas day during the regular season, as they could watch their favorites go head-to-head. Due to the Golden State Warriors’ popularity with fans, they have played on Dec.25 for nearly a decade straight. As far as Kerr is concerned, it was unfair to everyone involved, stating that there should be a rule against playing back-to-back games on the road.

“Generally I like playing on Christmas. It’s exciting. I love playing at home on Christmas. That way you can still have a good family day Christmas morning with the kids and then go to the arena later. It’s tough being on the road for Christmas, but it’s part of being in the NBA.

“It is an honor to play on Christmas—it’s a showcase and everybody’s watching—but I do think there should be a rule in the NBA that you can’t be on the road two years in a row. Just making that clear. Because last year we were in Milwaukee and this year we’ll be in Phoenix, and that doesn’t seem right.”

Kerr ended the interview with a humorous chuckle,But I’m confident that next year we will be at home for Christmas. Or we will all protest and not show up.”

Warrior’s players Steph Curry and Draymond Green echoed Kerr’s sentiments on playing on the road again and far away from their families on Christmas Day but understands the business side and responsibility of being a marquee team. 

The Warriors are set to face last year’s championship runner-up Phoenix Suns, both teams with a 26-6 record. Whoever wins now holds the league’s best record.

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