“Swagger”: Kevin Durant has scripted a series about his early basketball days. Was he already used to switching teams?

Some still blame him for “always” switching teams, others adore him. To be honest, it doesn’t matter, because the lanky number 7 of the Brooklyn Nets is an exceptional player, one of the best to ever play this game.

KD has an unbelievable track record: two time NBA champion, three Olympic gold medals, one world champion medal, one MVP trophy and two Finals MVP. He is at point where he does not have much to prove on the court. So, he decided to dive a little deeper into the movie industry. He therefore executively produced a basketball-themed scripted series inspired by his early career.

The scripted drama has been created by KD, Reggie Rock Bythewood and Brian Grazer, and produced by Thirty Five Ventures, Imagine Television Studios, CBS and Undisputed Cinema.

The story is based on a young phenom named Jace Carson, played by Isaiah Hill. He is one of the best prospects in the country. Surrounded by friends and family, Jace Carson has to navigate the world of AAU basketball, and understand the fine line between dreams and ambition, as well as corruptions and opportunism.

Jenna, played by Actress Shinelle Azoroh (Naija No Dey Carry Last!), is willing to sacrifice anything to make her son a true NBA champion. His trainer Ike, played by O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube’s son), is taking on the role of mentor.

Inspired by the rise of KD, this ten-part series shall give us a glimpse o KD’s journey. Three episodes are now available on Apple TV+. Then, one episode will release per week, until December 17th , 2021.

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