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Technical department restructure hits Ferrari after slow start

Technical department restructure hits Ferrari after slow start

Following a disappointing start to the FI season, Ferrari have opted to restructure their technical department.

Rory Byrne, who was chief designer, has been moved to a more prominent role to help return the team to winning ways.

Meanwhile, Head of aerodynamics Enrico Cardile is also set to lead a newly created performance development department.

Explaining the rationale behind the rationale, team boss Mattia Binotto said there was the need to “speed up the design and development on the car-performance front,” 

Ferrari have made a poor start to the 2020 season, having fallen far behind world champions Mercedes.

In a statement, Ferrari said they were “instituting a chain of command that is more focused and simplified and provides the heads of each department the necessary powers to achieve their objectives”.

“We have started to lay the foundations of a process which should lead to a new and enduring winning cycle,” team boss Binotto stated.

“It will take some time and we will suffer setbacks like the one we are experiencing right now in terms of results and performance.

“However, we must react to the shortcomings with strength and determination to get back to being at the very top of this sport as soon as possible,” he added.

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