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Tiger Woods faces no criminal charges for car crash – Police

Woods' vehicle struck a median and rolled multiple times before coming to a stop in a gully several hundred feet from the initial collision.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced on Wednesday that Tiger Woods won’t face criminal charges related to his single-car rollover crash Tuesday that left him hospitalized with multiple leg fractures. 

Investigators will check the car’s black box to gain information about speed, but no criminal charges are expected. Villanueva confirmed the conclusion from a responding officer that there was “no evidence of impairment” in a video conference with reporters on Wednesday.

“This is what it is, an accident,” Villanueva said. … “There was no evidence of any impairment whatsoever. He was lucid, no odor of alcohol, no evidence of any medication, narcotics or anything like that that would bring that into question.”

Asked if Woods might face reckless driving charges, Villanueva said no. 

“This is purely an accident,” Villanueva reiterated.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation. Villanueva said that investigators hope to determine the speed of Woods’ vehicle prior to the collision and couldn’t rule out at this point if Woods was considered a distracted driver. 

Distracted driving would be considered an infraction rather than a criminal charge.

“Reckless driving is actually more than an infraction,” Villanueva said. “That’s a misdemeanor crime that has a lot of elements attached to it. This is nothing like that.”



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