Tobias Harris returns to continue game after scary fall against Celtics

Tobias Harris banged his head off the floor.

Philadelphia 76ers star Tobias Harris took a very scary fall during Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics.

The 28-year-old hit his head against the court floor, sparking fears of a concussion but he returned to continue with the game.

Despite sustaining a cut on his left eye and showing signs of excruciating pain, Harris got himself patched up.

Some blood looked to have been spattered on the floor after the incident, which the medical team quickly wiping it off.

A report by said Harris suffered a left eye laceration after his scary fall during the game.

“Harris was trying to contest a shot by Jayson Tatum at the 2:40 mark of the third quarter and inadvertently had his legs taken out from under him by Tatum. Harris fell on the left side of his face. He laid on the court for several minutes as medical staff attended to him,” the report said.

“He was eventually able to walk off the court on his own power with a towel over his face, but blood was visible both on the towel and on the court. Coach Brett Brown told ESPN after the quarter ended that Harris told him he was OK shortly before he left the court.

“The team said he suffered a left eye laceration and was cleared after a concussion evaluation. He returned to the game with 5:12 left in the fourth quarter with a bandage over his eye,” it added.

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