Toure Brothers Back Didier Drogba Bid for Ivorian FA Presidency

Formal Captain of Ivory Coast, Yaya Toure and his brother Kolo Toure are throwing they Waite behind Didier Drogba for the site of Ivorian FA Presidency.

According to Yaya, his formal teammate winning the FA Presidency in Ivory Coast would help improve football in the country, that is why he and his brother Kolo are backing his bid.

“I support Didier Drogba. I want him to win this election. Seeing Didier as president of FIF would be a pleasure…..Today, we want to change, We are going to support, me and Kolo ( Toure), “he said in an Instagram chat with former Goalkeeper, Copa Barry.

Yaya also accepts that, although he is hoping for Drogba to be successful as FA president in Ivory Coast, it will take a long time and huge effort to restore the FA to its glory days.

“I’m not saying he’ll succeed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But if he is elected he will have 4 years to help, to bring his expertise. Because I think Drogba took courses to run a federation, to run a club, “he added.

“People have to give him a chance. Today, there’s a person like Didier who knows a lot, a lot of people, who has a good address book. It can solve many issues, It’s been 10 or 12 years since we left Cote d’Ivoire, but things are still the same. Bringing Didier in is a very good thing. I want all players to support it. It is true that things have been said and that people have their opinion and everyone is free to think what they want to think. But if they want this change {they must support it}”.

Players Association in Ivorire Coast voted for who they want to become FA president recently, with 11 of them voted for Drogba rival Sory Diabate, whiles three persons obtained.

A formal player and member of the Association Didier Zokora said they rejected the former teammate because he has disrespected them. According to him, Drogba never attended a single one of the Association meetings.

“What we are saying is that Didier Drogba, as honorary president of the Association has never been present at a single meeting. He did not even inform us of his candidacy for the presidency of FIF. It’s a huge disrespect” Zakora quoted having said on Radio Jam.

The election which was conducted via video conferencing sparked a massive debate in the country. Many believed the former captain is favourite going into the election.

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