Trouble in Washington, Harrell & Caldwell-Pope ‘took swings’

On Tuesday night’s game, the Washington Wizards managed to get the best out of the Oklahoma City Thunder 122-118. The win wasn’t just night’s highlight, as two Wizards, Motrezl Harrel and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope brawled it out during half-time. 

According to reports, the two got into a physical altercation and separated. Harrel felt strong about Caldwell-Pope not passing the ball on the final play before the second half ended. 

It started as a ‘jawing’ conversion as the two players made it into the locker room right before they “took swings’ at each other. Fortunately, there weren’t any punches that connected. 

They ended the fight as soon as they entered the locker room. In any case, “increased security presence” was evident to prevent further escalation. 

The trade deadline is coming soon, along with news that the Wizards organization plans to move Harrell. Would this incident be much of a trigger to convince them? How are they going to contain the two as the season progress? Without a doubt, a few questions need to be answered, and fans only hope for the best. 


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