Tunisia announces a freeze on sports activity in Rades due to rising COVID-19 cases

Tunisia announces a freeze on sports activities

The Tunisian municipality of Rades announced the suspension of sports, youth, and cultural activities for a period of 15 days, which can be extended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus again.

According to an official statement published by the official page of the municipality of Rades on the Facebook social network, a package of measures will be taken to confront the current outbreak of the virus.

The statement indicated that the suspension will be for a period of 15 days, with the possibility of an extension according to the development of the health situation in the city, which is only nine kilometers from the capital, Tunis.

The municipality of Rades witnessed the infection of 138 people with the Coronavirus during the last period, which witnessed the opening of the Tunisian borders to arrivals from outside it.

The Tunisian team was scheduled to play a friendly match against Sudan at Rades Stadium next Friday, before playing another match against Nigeria in Austria next Tuesday.

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