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Tyrann Mathieu calls Chiefs fans “One of the most toxic fan base”

Tyrann Mathieu and linebacker Anthony Hitchens feuded with fans on social media over the team’s recent struggles.

A Chief fan account asked fans to rank the worst moves by the Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach.

Check out Mathieu and Hitchens’ comments below

Some Chiefs fans in the comments did not take too kindly to the players’ opinions, and several of them began going back and forth with Mathieu on the subjects of the team’s relative struggles this season, the players’ salaries and occupation as professional football players, and Mathieu’s decision to engage with fans on Instagram.

Mathieu seemed to take that to heart, as he said on Saturday that his comments were “a mistake.” Much like the fans, he has let his own and the team’s poor start get to him a bit. “I haven’t had the season I wanted to have,” Mathieu said. “Frustration tends to build up.”

Several other fans jumped to Mathieu’s and Hitchens’ defenses, calling those arguing with them “fake fans” and telling the players not to let those fans’ actions and comments represent the entire fan base.

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