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UK calls off plans for fans to return to sport events in October

Coronavirus: Plans for fans to return to sport events in October called off

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that plans to allow fans to return to watch live sports events have been called off.

This follows a spike in Coronavirus cases in the UK, with the number of infections increasing by the thousands.

There had been plans to allow fans to begin watching live sports events from October 1, as clubs reel from the economic impact of the pandemic.

However, addressing the Commons on Tuesday, September 22, Johnson said the plans have been placed under review.

“We have to acknowledge the spread of the virus is now affecting our ability to reopen large sporting events,” said the prime minister,” he said.

“We will not be able to do this from October 1 and I recognise the implications for our sports clubs, which are the life and soul of our communities,” he added.

“The chancellor and the culture secretary are working urgently on what we can do now to support them.”

The UK Prime Minister further hinted that COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be in place for the next six months.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove believes the pandemic wouldn’t have been this severe had caution be taken earlier.

“People look back now at the beginning of the pandemic at some of the major sporting events then and ask the question why were they allowed to go ahead,” he told the BBC.

“What we must do is look at sporting events now with caution but we also recognise that sport is a vital part of this nation and we’re looking at everything we can do to support our athletes, our great clubs, through what will be a challenging time.”

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