Vannessa & Natalia Bryant stars in emotional new Lancome commercial

Vannessa and Natalia star in new Lancome commercial as mother-daughter moment brings light to the festive season. 

With their genuine style of chemistry, Vanessa and her 18-year-old daughter go into the world of television commercials together. 

While putting on their makeup, the two exchange some words, and you almost forget that it is a commercial. The two women look adorable together, like best friends who are simply bonding. 

It would be impossible not to be captivated by this pair as they talk about a fond memory they shared when Natalia dressed for her homecoming. Vanessa admits to being overwhelmed with tears as she remembers her beloved daughter coming down the stairs. 

There is no doubt that this commercial will capture people’s hearts and resonate with the authentic connection these women displayed on camera. 

Everyone looks forward to the future work these two have in store

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