Warrior’s Jonathan Kuminga & Buck’s Jordan Nwora shines as super stars missing in action

Kuminga and Nwora

Game Recap on Saturday proved to be all too well for individual players Jonathan Kumigna and Jordan Nwora, as both players showcased a full display of their potential amidst key players like Giannis and Steph not playing.

Saturday’s game (December 18) gave two of the most highly touted and watched players in Jonathan Kuminga and Jordan Nwora a chance to dominate in their respective team matches. 

Starting with the born and raised Congo native Jonathan Kuminga, the first-rounder 7th pick of the Warriors. As he lives up to the expectations, Kuminga’s call-up from the G league and fellow draft class Moody have been favorable to shake things up for the team. 

Quickly right after a previous game (December 7), Kuminga showed his talents, racking up a nearly double-digit in scoring with 9 points and 3 rebounds in just 12 minutes. 

The game yesterday was what it’s all about, as Kuminga led a Draymond-Steph-Wiggins-less Warriors. Head Coach Steve Kerr gave him the starting position, regardless of the Raptor’s 119-100 win.

With the heavy minutes in-place, Kuminga showcased his athletic and versatile game, racking up a career-high 26 points on 9 of 15 shooting from the field along with two steals, two assists, and a rebound in 36 minutes of game time. 

The young 19 year old soon got praises for his game as Dub-Nation headed to Twitter to show their appreciation of the up and coming. Specifically, his 9-15 field goal and 3-6 shooting from the arc.

“JK is a dynamic athlete,” 

Coach Steve Kerr told reporters after the loss. 

“He’s powerful and explosive. He can get downhill. So, you see the potential. It’s great to see him knock down some 3-point shots; that’s going to be a big part of his development. He’s got to get more than one rebound in 36 minutes, especially with athletic ability and frame. He had six turnovers.” 

“He kind of showed how talented he is, how young he is, how high his ceiling is and how far he has to go – all in one night. But that’s the whole point of getting him reps.”

Coach Steve Kerr shared more of his thoughts on Kuminga’s game. 

Dub Nation and the whole Warriors organization have something to keep their eye on in Kuminga, hoping to have a consistent outing performance similar to what he showed. 

Along with his mindset, when asked about his development and culture within the organization, Kuminga went on to say … 

“With the team we’ve got here, we play with a lot of spacing, so if somebody kicks you the ball in the corner, you’ve got to stay ready and hit that 3,” Kuminga said. “I’ve been working on that most of the time in the gym every day, trying to get better at it.”

And when asked about his development and how he takes criticism.. 

“Trust the process,” Kuminga said, a familiar phrase. “Be a sponge. Listen to everything they tell you. And work every day work hard and get better.”

Now we turn our heads into the Eastern Conference side of things. Last year’s champions, Milwaukee Bucks, have their silent diamond in the rough in Jordan Nwora. 

The 45th second-rounder has been a stellar player, as Giannis-less Bucks leaned on him. Nowra scored a season-high 29 points against the high-energy Cleveland Cavaliers 119-90.

Despite lacking their regular starting five, Nwora racked up numbers and shots in 42 minutes of playing time, creating 28 points on 11-of-21 shooting from the field and 4-of-8 from beyond the arc, 11 boards as well as 4 assists. His double-double effort was unfortunately not enough to bring home the win.

Nwora, a Nigerian native who is often called up to represent his national team, has been a Bucks’ fan favorite for some time now. He has been listed as one of the few players to have a breakout year this season. A 45.2 percent shooting range from deep would be a massive boost for the reigning champs to bag another trophy coming playoffs. 

Being a favorite to contribute consistently has been no question, but now it is a matter of being efficient as the Bucks tend to their roster-rotation issue.

We are all yet to witness what Nwora can do as the heavy minutes are on full display for him to make the most out of every game. Given the current status of the team’s rotation due to health and safety protocols. The sophomore has now been entrusted to take the helm of both ends of the floor. Now only time would tell how long this could go on and if it would end on a positive note for both player and organization. 


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