WDA plans to create Dunk World League

Wolrd Dunk Association

The World Dunk Association (WDA) has come to stay and is currently in the process of elevating the dunk as a structure discipline.

The WDA aims to inspire the next generation of dunkers, by motivating dunkers to create new dunks and to have an official world ranking.

The Association is working with various dunk contest organisers to standardize the dunk notation.

Since the NBA’s All Star Game Slam Dunk Contest in 1984, many have grown interest in dunk contests.

The WDA, therefore, wants to archive all dunks made by players in the past, in a bid to highlight the beauty of dunking.

Unfortunately, though, the dunking community is still widely unknown, despite the spectacular skills and creativity of some players.

To fix this, WDA will have to provide a centralised and neutral platform to reference all their dunks and profiles.

Plans are already underway to produce Dunk Scoring System to evaluate dunks in the best possible way.

The idea is to make it possible for dunkers to be able to create their own profiles and to get inspired by getting a load down on all past dunks.

With all the aforementioned plans in motion, WDA is also looking to create a Dunk World League.

This would allow the Association to rank dunks and dunkers worldwide and to open new opportunities for dunkers.

Currently, the WDA is being operated by Damián Le Nouaille Diez and Kadour Ziani.

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