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Wiggins should remain a warrior next year.

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, the Warriors have no plans to trade Wiggins, instead expecting he will be the starting small forward in the roster next season:

“But, ask anyone in the organization — during their private or public moments — they got Wiggins with the expectation that he’ll be their starting small forward next season, not just a matching contract to flip (like they did with [D’Angelo] Russell),” wrote Slater. “They are aggressive but rational.”

Many shook their heads when the Warriors traded for Wiggins after noting countless times they intended to keep D’Angelo Russell on the roster. The move made little sense, as they were adding a player who still had a questionable shooting touch from the outside and didn’t add much versatility to a team that edified its core from it.

For what it’s worth, the Warriors seemed to have every intent to get Stephen Curry as many reps as possible through the tail end of the season, mostly to see how he would pair up with Wiggins.

Even before Curry came back from a four-month layoff due to a broken left hand, the Warriors were grooming Wiggins to run the same off-ball drills he’d run if Curry was running between screens.

It seems the Warriors really think Wiggins will be a good fit once Curry and Klay Thompson are back in the lineup, but there will likely be a long wait before all of that comes to fruition. The expectation is that even if this season resumes, Golden State will not be a part of it.

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