Chemistry issues inside Boston Celtics’ den, Ime Udoka calls out bad habits and selfishness from starters

“We can’t dig ourselves that hole, come out flat for no reason,” said the Celtics coach. “It’s habits and we need to break – not trying to go isolation with all those, you know we got Marcus, Jaylen, Jayson, and Dennis starting. They need to learn to play together. Not try to just get baskets for themselves.”

A game least expected to turn out a loss versus the opposing team San Antonio Spurs, as the team fell short 96-88. 

The Celtics rallied back from their first-half performance and had a 7 point lead at the end of the game, but their shooting just couldn’t quite deliver. This performance disgruntled their coach. 

“It’s disappointing to not score in the last three minutes — we had a 25-point quarter leading up into that — should have finished it out with 30-plus point quarter” – Coach Ime Udoka said after the game.

Based on paper, the Celtics fell short as the team just shot 19% from the field and 14% from deep to trail their 30-14 run in the first quarter of the game, which became a heavy burden to bounce back from. 

To add salt to injury, the team’s starters only had negative +/- metrics — ending with Tatum, Brown, Schroder, Horford and Smart for a combined 26 for 75 shooting, right around 34.7% from the field. 

Boston is now 10-10 and hopes to bounce back as they face the Toronto Raptors Sunday night. 


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