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Covid-19 is once again a big threat to the football in the Premier League

We have gone through several pandemic situations already, but it seems that Covid-19 is coming stronger than ever each single time.

The first safety measures were taken in March 2020 when most of the competitions in Europe were either postponed or cancelled.

With time passing by and with most of the athletes getting vaccinated, the situation around Covid-19 has been handled with care.

However, it seems that we are on the verge of suffering yet another lockdown in the mecca of football, the United Kingdom, and its Premier League.

The teams are becoming more and more concerned with the increased numbers in the Covid-19 cases. The new Covid-19 omicron variant has made its way around the world and the UK is one of the most affected countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that this variant has a high likelihood to be spread even faster worldwide. It also contains new mutations that makes it unpredictable whether it is more deadly or more resistance to the already established vaccines.

Unfortunately, a total of five games have been postponed for this weekend in the Premier League. The following fixtures will be played at some other point in the year:

Manchester United – Brighton 

Southampton – Brentford 

West Ham – Norwich 

Watford – Crystal Palace

Everton – Leicester 

The Premier League will certainly make everything possible to avoid new lockdown. That’s why they are taking such measures so that they can prevent a more dynamic spread of the virus.

Everyone would like to enjoy a fantastic Boxing Day without having such obstacles to deal with. However, with the current situation there is no certainty that we will have a full schedule around Christmas. The matches at this time of the year are a symbol of happiness and football magic. 

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