Nostalgia hits hard between Bull’s DeMar DeRozan & Heat’s Kyle Lowry, on-court bond brings back memories

”If my mom had another son, it’d be Kyle” If his mom had another son, it’d be me. That’s as simple as I can put it. That’s how close we are. That’s what it is to me,” said DeRozan

During the Bulls-Heat clash, two opposing players stood out the most, as former Toronto Raptors teammates DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry rekindled their brotherly bond. On the other hand, the game favored the Heat outlasting the Bulls in a 107-104 close game.

In a post-game interview, when DeRozan was asked about seeing his Raptor teammate, he quickly shared his sentiment and went on to say. 

There was a time when Lowry and DeRozan both wore the Raptors jerseys for more than nine years, each. Between the six seasons of their strong stint together, which lasted from 2012 to 2018, it was honed into a strong friendship beyond the game of basketball. Together, they led the Raptors to several playoff appearances and to the Eastern Conference at one point.

It is still up to fate if these two stars will one day return to the court and hopefully bring home a championship title. Although their teams are making waves this season, they might come face-to-face in the postseason. 

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